5 Decades of Futuring

Founded in 1966, The World Future Society is the largest and longest-running community of futurists in the world. WFS established and built futurism from the ground-up — through publications, global summits, and advisory roles to world leaders in business and governments.

Remastered Photo from THE FUTURIST Magazine, 1975

WFS Legacy & Accomplishments:

  • The Founders of “Futurism” WFS members established futurism as a credible pursuit in academia, business, and public policy across the globe.

    By 1970, WFS was already 4,000 members strong, with chapters and committees hailing from 56 cities across the globe by 1974, representing all different backgrounds and industries with a common interest in understanding and shaping the future.

    The first graduate programs in Future Studies were founded by WFS members in 1975 at the University of Houston and in 1976 at the University of Hawaii.

    Today, Future Studies is taught at hundreds of universities across the globe, and its methods are routinely used by businesses, governments, and consulting firms everywhere. From “change management” to “scenarios” to “forecasting,” it all started here.
  • The Original Publication House for the Future WFS was the first organization to publish exclusively about the future.

    From THE FUTURIST Magazine, to the World Future Review Academic Journal, to many hundreds of books and special edition publications, WFS led the publishing industry in awakening global citizens to the challenges and possibilities shaping the future. Our members and contributing authors have been at the cutting edge of anticipating the future, from global warming in the 1970s, to virtual reality in the 1990s. You can learn more about THE FUTURIST here.
  • Trusted Advisors to Global Leaders. WFS members have been at the forefront of advising businesses and governments for decades.

    As consultants and trusted advisors to CEOs, politicians, and other leading decision-makers, our membership has spent decades advising leaders as they’ve navigated the most challenging issues of their time. WFS Founder Ed Cornish served as an advisor to three U.S. Presidents, and WFS members have headed leading foresight consultancies such as SRI International, RAND Corporation, the Global Business Network.
  • Conveners of Global Futurist Summits The annual World Future Society Summits regularly bring together leading-edge thinkers and doers from across the globe.

    From professional futurists to enthusiastic hobbyists — from leading political figures to fortune 500 CEOs — WFS annual summits have attracted thousands of people from every sector of society and from more than 82 countries in a common spirit of building a better future of all. WFS has hosted a many as 7,000 participants at a single event, and keynote speakers have included Herman Kahn, Buckminster Fuller, Margaret Meade, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Alvin and Heidi Toffler, Ray Kurzweil, Gerald Ford, Walter Mondale, Al Gore, and more.