Do You Need a Futurist?

Every successful organization in the 21st century has a Futurist. No matter the official title, or whether they are internal or outside advisors, Futurists play an unmistakable role in guiding organizations through the challenging process of understanding trends, visualizing possibilities, preparing for risks and challenges, and setting meaningful, achievable goals.

All World Future Society Business Members enjoy access to WFS professional futurists who can provide the support you and your organization need:

  • Keynote Speakers
  • Expert Quotes and Interviews
  • Workshop Facilitators
  • Trend, Forecast, and Scenario Planners
  • Gaming and Simulation Experts
  • Subject Matter Experts — experts on the future in domains including science, technology, government, health, education, the economy, and more.

Our experts are ready to help you and your organization adapt to rapid change and create your desired future. If you’re interested in bringing in a Futurist, become a business member today or email concierge(at)wfs(dot)org.