Donate to the Future


Focusing on the future can feel like a luxury. We believe it’s a charitable investment.

The World Future Society is a non-profit 501(c) organization whose purpose is to ensure a thriving future for all. We’re in it for the impact. We rely on futurist citizens and philanthropists of all stripes to invest in our mission and take an active role in the community.

Our charitable focus is ensuring present generations are taking a proactive approach so that the coming generations can rise above the problems of the past and live a more desired future.

By contributing to the World Future Society, your donation dollars are going on offense. We’re counting on you to pay-it-forward and invest in a better future.

Thank you for supporting the World Future Society as we embrace a future of vast possibility.


Human Purpose Project – The WFS Collective is focusing on cultivating a positive future of humanity in a rapidly changing world.

Legacy Historic Fund – With over half a century of cutting-edge content by WFS members, authors, and researchers, we are working to digitize a vast archive of material so that it can be available to our members and future generations.

Research Fellow Fund – With your generous donation, WFS continues to expand its support of future-oriented, solution-based research.

WFS Direct Donation Fund – In addition to regular operations, your support boosts WFS’ ability to produce and assist with special projects, events, conferences, and speakers.