The Human Purpose Project

We need to change the big conversations about the future.

Big conversations are happening about the future.

There’s a ton of interest right now around automation, exponential technologies, and the jobs of tomorrow. Amidst such rapid social change and economic uncertainty, people are scared of what the future holds. They want to know what jobs will be like in the future, how their industry will be disrupted, and what kind of education and training are needed to stay relevant. There’s a great deal of anxiety around the implications of what is coming.


There’s something missing from these conversations.

While it may seem as if we’re talking about the future of the economy, the future of education, and the future of work, we’re actually talking about something much more fundamental than these sectors of life. What’s beneath all of these areas of life?


What is the future of Human Purpose?

This is the big question. All of our collective fear and anxiety around AI, automation, and the jobs of tomorrow — it’s not really about “jobs.” It’s about our worth and dignity as human beings. It’s about how we spend our time, our effort, and our energy. It’s about the contributions we want to make. Who do we need to become in order to feel whole in the wildly different future in front of us?


We need to change the conversation.

Although AI and automation might be disruptive, they are full of new opportunities and new possibilities. We need to remember that human civilization has been through big shifts before: when we moved from hunter-gathering to farming and cities, and from farming to industry. We need to remember that the future isn’t something that’s happening to us, it’s up to us to build the future we want.

Consider some ways that we can change the conversation:

  • From Technology Disrupts Us → To Technology Serves Us Humans are building the technology that is shaping tomorrow. If the innovators and business leaders who determine its direction have a linear or dystopian view of the future, what does that mean for the technology they are building? If new technology is having negative impacts on workers and communities, what kind of innovations are needed to fill the gaps and lead us toward the technological future that will best serve all of humanity’s interests?
  • From Monetary Value → To Human Value In our current narrative, we focus on monetary return as the primary measure of our value as a human being. In a world where wealth is becoming more concentrated and less accessible to so many people, how can we change our notion of compensation to more accurately reflect the value of our time and contributions to society? There are many possible futures that are based on exciting new forms of currency, we just need to create them.
  • From The Future is Determined → To We Create the Future This fear that technology is going to replace us is partially grounded in a subconscious assumption that the future is predetermined. Common conversations around the future assume that trends of the past and present will project forward, uninterrupted, and that the future will be a linear extension of the past. This view doesn’t leave room for the unlimited potential we have as masters of our own destiny. We have the ability to write the narrative we want to live by. Why not redefine what it means to have a job? We need to pause from our fretting, and have a conversation about the future we want.

This is the objective of the Human Purpose Project.

We are bringing together a collective of the best minds to approach these common conversations about the future, but from a totally different perspective. We’re turning the conversations on their head. We are creating new narratives for how we define Human Purpose.



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There is no limit to your impact. How do you want to spend your days? What contributions do you want to make in a world? What do you want your purpose to be?

Join us, and be a part of this transformative exploration.