As a global leader in the field of future studies, the World Future Society operates in a spirit of inclusion, recognizing that to bring about the best shared-futures we must be strong together.

Our partnerships bring together private-sector, government, entertainment, academia, and global leadership to help democratize and spread the Futurist Mindset. These partnerships help to expose and engage more humans to become active members of their community and to ultimately bring about a better vision of the future.

Vanity Fair Italy & WFS’ Citizens Explore Jobs of the Future

Vanity Fair Italy asked the citizens of WFS to describe possible future jobs that do not yet exist. First published in 1913, Vanity Fair is a magazine of popular culture, fashion, and current affairs published by Condé Nast. Vanity Fair Italy launched in 2003.

Scholastic Seeks Inspiration from WFS for Bringing Future-Thought to Youth

At WFS, we place a high value on nurturing the nonlinear mindsets of children from an early age. We recognize that building the Futurist Mindset from a young age will help protect the creativity and open-mindedness that is inherently unique to our youth. WFS and Scholastic have partnered in gaining opinions from WFS’ citizens to … Continued

WFS Partners with Harvard Future Society for their global AI Initiative

WFS and the Harvard Future Society have joined forces in support of the AI Initiative project at Harvard’s Kennedy School. We are so excited to support a massive collaborative conversation that will result in tangible policy recommendations around such an incredibly important topic. Proactive policies pertaining to AI are our best defense against possible unintended … Continued

WFS Curates Futurist Section for Encyclopedia Britannica 250th Anniversary Edition

Encyclopedia Britannica has entrusted the World Future Society as their partner to curate the Futurist Section for their 250th print anniversary edition of the Encyclopedia. WFS has selected experts and leaders across the globe who have shared their ideas, opinions, and insights about possible futures over the next century. First published in 1768, the Encyclopedia … Continued