Previous World Future Summits

For decades, World Future Society has united future-minded citizens through engaging programming and active participation.

The annual summits are a focal point for this union of minds.
Selected historic photos are presented below.

Buckminster Bucky Fuller presenting at World Future Society summit/congress.
"All human beings are born geniuses, but some are de-geniused a little more rapidly than others," Bucky Fuller tells an attentive audience at the inauguration of the Akron, Ohio, chapter of the World Future Society, November 29, 1978
Gerald R. Ford, then Vice President of the United States, addresses the World Future Society's special forum on "Energy: Today's Choices, Tomorrow's Opportunities" in 1974. The unique two-day Energy Forum brought together 50 experts from industry, government, and academia to present their views on a critical topic.
World Future Society's 1983 conference. Featuring from bottom right: Hazel Henderson, author of Creating Alternative Futures; Marvin Centron, President of Forecasting International and author of Encounters with the Future; Richard Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute; Representative Bob Edgar, Pennsylvania, Chairman of the Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future; and keynote speaker Douglas Casey.
children building styrofoam city of future
Youth build an imaginary future city out of styrofoam during a workshop on urbanization at the 1971 conference. The children wanted to create a city with open spaces and no pollution, but they discovered to their surprise they had actually created the urban clutter than city planners had long complained about.
Hazel Henderson & Robert Jungk
Hazel Henderson, futurist and author, and Robert Jungk, noted author, trade ideas as part of a final-day panel.

Image by Sally Cornish.
Alvin Toffler
Alvin Toffler, author of the 1970 best seller Future Shock, chats informally with Society members at the 1975 conference. Seated next to him is Barbara Hubbard (a then-current member of the Society's Board).

Image by Mico Dellanova.
David Goldberg, Peter Zuckerman, and Robert Horn
David Goldberg, Peter Zuckerman, and Robert Horn--three members of the steering committee that shaped a plan of organization for the proposed World Future Society--sit side-by-side while answering questions at a special meeting called to get outsiders' views of their project.
Sterling Tucker, head of the Greater Washington Urban League, answers questions after addressing World Future Society members in Washington, D.C., 1968. Tucker later became the first elected chairman of Washington's city council. Also shown are Marlene Futterman of the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity and educator Vergil Rogers.
Buckminster Fuller explains the triangular construction technique used in his famous geodesic domes. Fuller was one of the forefathers of the World Future Society.
Space artist Robert McCall, shown while painting a multistory mural for the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, gave THE FUTURIST permission to reproduce some of his iconic paintings for summits and publications.
Senator Edward M. Kennedy with Graham T.T. Molitor, general chairman of the World Future Society's 1975 conference.
French social scientist Bertrand de Jouvenal led the so-called "Futuribles" project in the early 1960's and wrote The Art of Conjecture (L'art de la Conjecture, 1964), one of the pioneering works in futurist literature. Standing next to de Jouvenal is John Dixon, who played a unique role in the futurist movement.
Staff members test a future-oriented game in the Member's Lounge-a special feature of the Society's headquarters after its move from the Cornish home. Julia Larson (facing the camera on the right) made visiting members feel welcome and sold them books. Lane Jennings (on the left) edited the World Future Society Bulletin, a predecessor of Futures Research Quarterly.

Meet Leading Thinkers and Doers at WFS Conferences!

WFS first conference was in 1971. Over the past 50 years, speakers at WFS conferences have included:

  • Isaac Asimov
    Gene Roddenberry
    Betty Friedan
    Al Gore
    Gerald Ford
    Hazel Henderson
    Timothy Leary
    Ray Kurzweil
    Walter Mondale
    Sir Arthur C. Clarke
    Buckminster Fuller
    Fritjof Capra
    Alvin Toffler
    Marilyn Ferguson
    Les Aspin
    Lester Brown
    Hubert H. Humphrey
    Marshall McLuhan
    B.F. Skinner
    Doug Casey
    John Naisbitt
    Glenn Seaborg
    Peter Senge
    Ellen Burstyn
    Herman Kahn