The Futurist Journal is a reimagined, digital version of THE FUTURIST, an iconic magazine published by the World Future Society from 1967-2015.


This co-created journal aims to contribute to and advance the body of knowledge within the field of future studies, including theoretical and applied papers by through submissions directly from WFS citizens.

Here’s how it works:

1) Submit your content by emailing as an attachment to: thefuturist(at)wfs(dot)org.

2) Submissions will be reviewed by our Editors.

3) Selected articles will be published through the digital portal. Once articles have been selected, our Editors will work with authors directly to edit submissions, and publish them in the form of a regular newsletter we are calling ‘The Futurist, Academic Journal’.

We are grateful for the participation from our diverse group of citizens and hope this approach will democratize access and viewpoints, harness the intellectual strength of our citizens, and generate an incredible publication that will have real impact on the future.


Bottom line: Begin Posting Your Submissions. We can’t wait to read them!

Submissions accepted here. Email us questions at thefuturist(at)wfs(dot)org.

To the Future!