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THE FUTURIST was a cutting-edge magazine published from 1967 to 2015 by the World Future Society. It was world’s leading publication about the future, and was available on newsstands coast to coast in the United States. Its articles focused on innovation, creative thinking, and emerging trends in society, technology, government, and the economy.

The magazine featured contributions from the most influential futurists and thought leaders for half a century, including: Gene Roddenberry, Al Gore, Newt Gingrich, Alvin and Heidi Toffler, Buckminster Fuller, Isaac Asimov, Margaret Mead, Robert McNamara, B.F Skinner, Nicholas Negroponte, Arthur C. Clarke, Ray Kurzweil, Andrew McAfee, Kevin Kelly, Paul Saffo, David Brin, K. Eric Drexler, Rodney Brooks, and many more.



French futurist Bertrand de Jouvenel reading the first issue of THE FUTURIST shortly after its publication in 1967. THE FUTURIST was published by the World Future Society for over 50 years.
French futurist Bertrand de Jouvenel reading the first issue of THE FUTURIST shortly after its publication in 1967. THE FUTURIST then was a newsletter.


The World Future Society is moving toward new ways of creating and distributing the best content about the future. Although this historic publication can never be replaced, we are excited to offer The Futurist Journal as a stimulating new digital outlet for expert futurist thought.

The final print of THE FUTURIST magazine was Volume 49 Number 1 in Summer 2015.

Highlights from THE FUTURIST’s Half-Century of Leadership:

  • February 1976 Cover of The Futurist
    February 1976 cover of THE FUTURIST
  • 1974: The need for a recycling society.
  • 1975: The forecast of the teleconference.
  • 1978: The emerging a cashless society.
  • 1981: The smart machines tomorrow and image recognition capability.
  • 1993: The rise and fall of the Japanese economy.
  • 1994: The emergence of virtual reality.

Select Digital Versions of THE FUTURIST:

As we continue to digitize and modernize, we will be adding to this collection of future-focused periodicals!



THE FUTURIST, January – February 2011

THE FUTURIST, March – April 2011

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THE FUTURIST, July – August 2011

THE FUTURIST, September – October 2011

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THE FUTURIST, January – February 2012

THE FUTURIST, March – April 2012

THE FUTURIST, May – June 2012

THE FUTURIST, July – August 2012

THE FUTURIST, September – October 2012

THE FUTURIST, November – December 2012


THE FUTURIST, January – February 2013

THE FUTURIST, March – April 2013

THE FUTURIST, May – June 2013

THE FUTURIST, July – August 2013

THE FUTURIST, September – October 2013

THE FUTURIST, November – December 2013


THE FUTURIST, January – February 2014

THE FUTURIST, March – April 2014

THE FUTURIST, May – June 2014

THE FUTURIST, July – August 2014

THE FUTURIST, September – October 2014

THE FUTURIST, November – December 2014



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