The Futurist Mindset

To thrive in this world of accelerating change, we believe one must build and develop the Futurist Mindset.

Created by and Work in Progress by Julie Friedman Steele (Currently Undergoing Ongoing Peer Review)

The world may be changing faster than we can currently internalize and it is clear to see that our collective, short term focus is not preparing populations nor organizing resources efficiently to progress in the face of our greatest challenges. It is because of this realization that we are working to democratize and grow the Futurist Mindset across the globe.

The Futurist Mindset: is a way of understanding yourself, others and the world / universe around you.

Benefits of a Futurist Mindset: If you possess a Futurist Mindset you will thrive at shaping the future. The Futurist Mindset goes far beyond just being able to think about the future and into a way live with purpose and passion as we strive for something more while we grow to understand who we can become and our place in the cosmos.

How do I Know if I Possess a Futurist Mindset?: There are different types of intelligences, personality traits and competencies that tend to lend themselves to somebody possessing more of a Futurist Mindset than another**.

Please Note: The Futurist Mindset is not special to anyone. As anyone is capable of developing one. And even someone who has a Futurist Mindset constantly needs to work at it. It’s an enjoyable journey that sometimes is not so enjoyable. But, it is most certainly, uniquely Human.

The Dominant Intelligences* Include:

  • Intrapersonal Intelligence, Existential Intelligence, Naturalistic Intelligence

The Sub Dominant Intelligences* Include:

  • Interpersonal Intelligence, Logical Mathematical Intelligence, Teaching-pedagogical intelligence

The Personality Traits Include:

  • Empathy, Risk Tolerance, A Sense of Urgency, Risk Taking, Non-Judgmental Stance

Skills and Competencies Include:

  • Understanding Biological Intelligence and Artificial / Technological Intelligence, Comfort with Ambiguity, Continuous Learning and Unlearning, Self-Awareness, Resiliency, Adaptability, Creativity and Innovation, Divergent thinking, Holding multiple and opposing realities in your mind at the same time

Other Mindsets that may go along with a Futurist Mindset

  • Growth Mindset, Exponential Mindset

The Futurist Mindset also includes empowering individuals to:

The Futurist mindset helps humans to thrive instead of survive. It helps us challenge ourselves, our assumptions, and our limitations. It reframes our perception of failure and expands our capacity to hold dialectic ideas. It helps with personal development by building empathy, resilience, healthy introspection and emotional integrity. Through this process of growth and improvement, we can help bridge the gap between the present and future.

  • Expand & Improve HEALTH & LIFE EXTENSION

Our ecosystem is made up of people with a futurist mindset of all types; entrepreneurs, executives, economists, world leaders, students, parents, and conscious citizens. We are united by our shared desire to shape the future in a positive direction and tackle the world’s greatest challenges with new narratives,

The existential challenges and technological advancements demand a collective action for involvement, they demand that we turn observers into actors. No longer shall the Futurist Mindset be reserved for academics or business professionals, this is something we all must take ownership of, and the more people who maintain this mindset, the better our future will be.

  • *Based on The Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner
  • **There is a theory that being or having a Futurist Mindset is a genetic mutation, we have no research that proves or disproves this