WFS Global Citizen Network

Included with every citizenship is access to World Future Society’s Global Citizen Network (GCN) where every citizen is encouraged to participate.

The GCN is a place to make connections, learn from fellow citizens, share creative ideas, explore challenges and opportunities and work to drive consensus on all topics related to future studies. Make sure to leave your ego at the door – this is an open-minded network where we challenge ideas, not people.

Today, our ecosystem is comprised of futurist mindsets of all types: entrepreneurs, executives, economists, civic leaders, students, parents, and conscious citizens. We are united by our shared desire to shape the future in a positive direction and tackle the world’s greatest challenges.

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Launching the Human Purpose Project, citizens will have the opportunity to be involved in a professionally facilitated project where the questions, insights, and revelations posited by the community will be developed into a collective summary and will be shared with the public.

New Ideas

Our citizens are always discussing the latest news on topics related to future studies. The GCN is a great place to keep your finger on the pulse and hear from experts on bleeding edge technology, trends, and ideas.


WFS citizens are always willing to share their knowledge and experience with others, and you can, especially as a new citizen, benefit from these free knowledge. Don’t see what you want to learn about? You can take matters into your own hands and create a post with a call to action around a topic or idea of your choice.


Have an idea, opportunity or challenge that you’d like feedback on? Our citizens love a challenge! Post it on the network and receive opinions, guidance, reflection, or new ways to approach the issue at hand from our diverse citizen base.


Whether through reading posts and comments from others or through the development of relationships, you can easily connect with people who will give you the motivation and encouragement you need to succeed. It is great to have people of like minds from different backgrounds who are willing to share experiences and help in building you up.


Our citizens are happy to provide mentorship to one another. Many of our citizens are ever willing and ready to offer you help on every topic.